Author:   Lonnie Pacelli   

By: Frank Turley 

Frank Score: 8/10

Why did I read this book?   

There are two main reasons

  1. I was asked to read this book before a training I gave to a company where the PMO Leader was a big fan of the content
  2. After reading the introduction, I was willing to finish it

PM AdvisorAuthor – Short Introduction   

This book identifies the 18 most pervasive causes of project failure and their warning signs.

It explains why they happen, and shows exactly how to overcome them.  Here are some of them: 

  • how to ensure you're working on the right problem,
  • how to keep project sponsors committed,
  • give you some tips to get all your team members on the same page,
  • help you streamline that endless final 10% of your projects,
  • reduce last-minute rework caused by unanticipated stakeholders
  • Etc…..

Frank Comments

There are some great tips in this book and I have borrowed a number of tips from it for our Learn Thru Practice that I give with Willem Van Mulders. Here is an example of some project management advises for starting a project:

  • Check that your project has a good articulated mission statement, and it is a good idea to use something like the SMART technique (Peter Drucker)
  • Give key stakeholders a chance to shape the project mission statement
  • Check if the project team is clear about the problem that the project is trying to address
  • Be aware of what will happen if your project is not done
  • Prominently display the mission statement for your team
  • Tips for defining he appropriate level of detail for a project plan
    • Can the deliverable be assigned to a single person?
    • Can the deliverable be completed in 32 hours?
  • Etc….

Frank’s Summary

I recommend this book for all project managers as there are many good tips inside and I was able to highlight and export a lot of these as the Kindle App makes this extremely easy.     

If you do read the book, then let me know your feedback.


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