PMI Belgium

PMI Belgium

By Frank Turley.

   Each month I recommend a webinar to watch on as this is a wonderful resource provided by PMI and is available to PMI members.  

What I look for in a webinar?   

- Something new that looks at another side of project management  

- Good presentation skill

My pick for this month is the following and it also have has great presenter : 

Webinar Title:   Managing Projects Without Support For Project Management

Time:   60 minutes  (1 PDU)

Rating 4.80

  Link to webinar 

Introduction to Webinar 

This webinar tackles the challenge of how to manage effectively where management isn’t appreciated. If you struggle with how to apply process—and how much to apply—then this is the webinar for you.


Webinar Objectives

  • Discuss the Lack of support for Project Management
  • Explore Why Support is Not Always Universal
  • Identify Strategies for Building Support and Getting Project Delivered

About Speakers:

Mark Mullaly (LinkedIn): Mark is a project management iconoclast -- love him or hate him, he still has an opinion, and he's not afraid to express it. In many ways the quintessential 'accidental project manager', Mark is all about figuring out a better way to get stuff done, and isn't above inventing one when the situation calls for it. Or he gets bored.

Tip:  Another good webinar is: Stakeholder Engagement - Influencing Partners to Build Consensus

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