At the Satellite event Brussels Feb 21st 2019, Fabio Cristofoletto, PMP®, Corporate PMO Officer at STIB and Jean-Luc Loheac, PMP®, Quality Manager at Sony Depthsensing Solutions will guide an informal discussion related to the "PMO" and the “Project Quality Management”. Discussion that will help you to increase your knowledge on those topics as well as provide you opportunities to exchange with other project managers on your own experiences in your organization and potentially in relation with the PMO and/or QMS


Since 1990s, concept of PMO (Project Management Office) is taking place in various organizations and industries, out of the defense and heavy sectors where the principle was developed.

But why?

Today companies are managing their business by project; benefits on performances using project management principles are recognized by all. Knowledge, added values and practices are strategic assets to be maintained using a dedicated and internal organization: the PMO.

According to PMBOK, a PMO is ‘an organizational body or entity assigned various responsibilities related to the centralized and coordinated management of those projects under its domain.’

PMBOK also specifies that a PMO can range from provide support functions to be responsible for direct management of projects.

Concept of PMO through an organization can be deployed in various types: functional PMO (only used in some area or company division to manage resources), customer group PMO (to manage clusters of projects for a dedicated customer) or Corporate PMO (to serve the entire company being more focused on strategic and strategic issues rather than functional ones).

So, what is the good concept for the right type of company? How the PMO can improve the efficiency and the growth of an organization?


The PMBOK guide says the knowledge area “Project Quality Management” uses policies and procedures to implement, within the project’s context, the organization’s quality management system (QMS). It also specifies that the basic approach to the project quality management is intended to be compatible with the ISO quality standard.


Actually, what added values can really bring an ISO9001 standard to the management of a project? Are there key concepts listed in the ISO9001 standard that can contribute to the success of your project ? As a project manager would you like to know more on the ISO9001 standard that describes the requirement to implement a QMS ?