Five years ago, Jacques Neyns thought of using his Project Management and Training skills for the benefit of unemployed people in our country. He mobilized his idea into an action plan and connected with the Director of VDAB to discuss how the PMI Belgium Chapter could help to provide additional professional skills to the people looking for job opportunities. The idea was welcomed and VDAB was happy to give it a try. A detailed project plan was established and agreed between the two parties and went into execution in Leuven, where Jacques delivered the first training to a group of 24 people. This was a huge success for PMI Belgium Chapter as well as for VDAB. Driven by the success, the project scope was increased to cover the entire Flemish region. More volunteers were engaged to deliver the trainings in different regions. The Academic and Educational Outreach of PMI Belgium Chapter has trained nearly 900 persons in Project Management. We are proud of our 5 years of collaboration with VDAB.
Please watch the interview of Jacques Neyns to learn how he did it.


Jacques was also invited to PMI Leadership Institute Meeting in Berlin last month to present this initiative to other PMI Chapters. His dream is to extend the scope not only to entire Belgium but to entire Europe. Willem Van Mulder, the current Director of Academic and Educational Outreach is already trying to engage with ‘Le Forem’ to extend it to the French part of Belgium.