To welcome our new members and to introduce them to the chapter and chapter activities, we regularly hold new member calls.

These call are held on every second Monday of the month at 20:00.

During this call, we present the following chapter information:

  • the people responsible (board members);
  • the activities planned (events, volunteering opportunities, etc.;
  • practical guidelines on how you can get involved;
  • how the chapter can help you to progress in your career; 
  • how to find your way on the PMI Belgium  website, etc.

At the end of the call, there is also time to ask questions.

The sessions are held in English and you can join the session using MS Teams. 

We encourage all new members to join this informative virtual call.

The schedule for 2020 calls is as follows:

January Monday, 13-Jan
February Monday, 10-Feb
March Monday, 09-Mar
April Monday, 13-Apr
May Monday, 11-May
June Monday, 08-Jun
September Monday, 14-Sep
October Monday, 12-Oct
November Monday, 09-Nov
December Monday, 14-Dec


A link for this call is sent to new membersin a separate invitation. If you experience any difficulties using MS Team, don’t hesitate to reach out to Roeland Bollen (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) up front to perform a little test.

We hope to meet you during one of these calls in the near future.


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Roeland Bollen

Director of Membership