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Professor of the Year:

Data-driven project management is on the rise and gaining international recognition.

Professor of the Year Award

On December 15, 2022, Mario Vanhoucke received the "Professor of the Year" award by the American College of Performance Management, an organisation that validates project control methods in practice. The award is given to a faculty member who demonstrated an excellence in teaching and published academic papers and books in the area of performance management.

Professor of the Year 2022 Mario Vanhoucke


Mario Vanhoucke, Professor at Ghent University, Vlerick Business School and University College London wrote a technical novel for project managers who want to innovate with data. The timely delivery of new products and services has been under pressure for years, partly due to increasingly tight budgets and fierce competition to reduce lead times. That is why companies have increasingly turned to project management, looking for ways to innovate in order to remain competitive and profitable. One of the most obvious options is to use data to optimise the way of working.


“Data-driven project management” requires the correct use of tools and techniques to detect problems in time, so that the project manager can take appropriate measures to get the project finished on time. Such an approach requires an integrated view of project management in which planning, risk management and performance measurement are central. The purpose of this book is to explain in an understandable way the most important steps in the project lifecycle to bring your project to a successful delivery.


More than the latest hype

The aim of the book “The data-driven project manager“ is to provide solutions that have proven their value in practice. “In 2020, the renowned International Project Management Association (IPMA) gave a research award for the book for the way in which the theme was integrated into practical training courses with company cases," says Mario Vanhoucke. “The special thing about this award is that it was given by a professional organisation, which shows that the book appeals to a professional audience and is therefore broader than an academic exercise.

 Data driven

Data-driven project management is clearly on the rise.

The book

"The data-driven project manager" is published by Springer Nature and is currently available online and in bookstores.




Mario Vanhoucke

Founder of the Operations Research & Scheduling group.

Full Professor at Vlerick Business School and Ghent University (Belgium) and Guest Professor at UCL School of Management (UK).



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Digital or hard copies available upon request.

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