The Francophone PMI Community of Project Management - La communauté francophone PMI de management de Projet

PMICF is working to develop links with French-speaking countries: Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Congo (DRC), Burkina Faso, Togo, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius and Lebanon.

PMI Communauté Francophone PMICF

Why the creation of PMICF?

- The creators are driven by the values of Humanity, Openness, Professionalism and Commitment (HOPE)

- They believe in the central virtues of culture and education to make the world a better place and more united.

- They believe that learning to master a project according to the rules of the profession (based on the PMI framework) is a strategic skill that helps individuals to progress personally and professionally and companies to develop economically.

- They want to connect people and ideas, inspire by sharing knowledge and experience in a spirit of reciprocity and pluralism.

- they want to bring our voice to the five continents by using these formidable vectors of digital and the French language.

Philippe Boniface and Jean-Christophe Hamani are the persons of contact for PMI Belgium Chapter.

Please find here after the link to their LinkedIn page:

Are you interested by this Community and a Virtual Satellite Event in French to learn about this new community? Don’t be shy and contact me.

You may be also interested in being more involved? You would like to be the link between our Belgium Chapter and PMICF? Please feel free to contact me.

We’ll communicate regularly about their activities on our website and on LinkedIn.

Christine Dassy

President-Elect 2021

Director of Sponsoring 2020-2021