Book:  The Conscious Project Leader  - Amazon Link  

By Colin D Ellis

Bookreview jan20

I was searching for book project leadership and project culture and I came across this book and purchased both the audiobook and e-reader versions and glad I did.  Colin reminds us that the best projects are a result of the person that leads it or the environment they create and too much attention is paid to the project method that they are using. 

At the moment (before AI takes over :-), projects are all about people, relationships and common-sense and if this can be improved then we can more value. 

I really like the way the book is written, it has a very informal style that is very engaging and made lots of notes while reading. The book is divided up into very short 52 focused chapters which makes it easy to absorb.  

Some other things I like about the book

  • Its very practical
  • Lots of stories
  • Nice quotes that I can adopt
  • You can easily refer to a specific topic
  • I will add to my list of books to re-listen to each year

I have already started to apply some of the stuff I have learned, and the results are as expected. I also added this book to my short list of books I re-listen to each year, 

The book is written by Colin D Ellis