We have a new board!

Following our recent elections for the new executive board, we are pleased to announce the results. 

Congratulations to all the elected board members and welcome on board!

new board 2020

Who’s who:

Tier 1 - the first ones to attack with all your questions - sitting on the hot seat:

  • President: Jacques, new and ready to roll
  • President elect: will be a challenge for next year
  • Vice-president: Freddy, will make sure the president does his tasks
  • Past president: Stéphane, will keep a close eye on Jacques·    

 Tier 2: The Specialists!

  • Renuka: knows all about Marketing and Communications. You will be surprised with the new logo and website
  • Roeland: takes care of you - our members and will organize some great members events
  • Frank: guides you through all certifications, (but you still have to study yourself, sorry)
  • Christine: do you want to help us out with some money and get great value back? Here she is – Christine will give you all the right information you need to sponsor our Chapter/events
  • Willem: schools, universities, VDAB, they all know Willem, he spreads out project management to the education world
  • Brian: who does not know PM Fair? Well, after October next year, you will all know Brian
  • Gert: will take care of all the other events and they will be fun
  • Pierre: what happens with the money?  Pierre will make sure our money is used for the right course: our members

Tier 3: the workers

  • Gabriela will help Renuka in her hard communications work
  • Umberto will  take over some roles from Roeland
  • Suzanne has the tough task to try to follow Frank
  • Alice will help Christine to find good sponsors
  • Shirley continues her supporting tasks for Willem
  • Vincent will focus on the satellite events

The main objective of the executive board is to bring good value to our main stakeholders - you, the members!

Let’s make it a great year!

Jacques Neyns
The new President from January 2020