Belgium Detailed Salary Survey for project management function – by the PMI Belgium Chapter, based on a study organised by in 2017

PM Median Salary

What is the position of Belgium when looking to the Project Management Salaries?

Projects change the world, and project management professionals are the change agents. This is one profession where life is never dull…and where demand for skilled practitioners is high. Projects are proliferating globally, and it’s projected that, over the next decade, organizations of all sizes and types will need nearly 88 million people working in project management roles.[1]

The Salary survey’s 10th edition report of PMI® is based on self-reported salary information from 314 respondents in Belgium (+99 compared to the 2015 edition). The detailed report is available on

According to the latest study organised by, Belgium is in position #10 in term of median annual salary (other package compensations not included) for project practitioners; where The Netherlands and the United-Kingdom are respectively at the 5th and the 9th position). (Source :


Annualized Salary 1

In this report, 42% of interviewed people have reported a salary increase of less than 1%, and 73% of less than 2.9%. The ratios are very similar about the expectation for the next period.

What is the impact of a certification of the salary median?

Most survey respondents (82%) have the PMP certification. In virtually all countries included in this study, having a PMP appears to offer an advantage in terms of median salary. PMP tenure also plays a role. Among survey respondents in most countries, median salary steadily increases with the length of time one holds a PMP certification. It seems reasonable to consider a similar salary increase for the other project management certifications


What are the differences in terms of position?

The position held by the respondents is also largely influencing the salary median. We notice that the role of Portfolio Manager is slightly below the position of Program Manager while we could think it is a more “strategic” position in the organisation.  


Annualized SalaryOther analysis reports that the salary of project managers is highly correlated to the number of people in the team, and also, the project budget with an increase up to 67%.

When looking to the salary by industry, Aerospace, Consulting, Government, Manufacturing are typically 10% to 15% higher than Healthcare, Engineering or Telecommunications

A project Manager of 20 years of experience may expect an increase of about 74% compared to the junior project manager of less than 5 years of experience.

The study also concludes there is no big difference based on the highest education degree obtained

The 2019 survey for Project Management Salary Survey 11th Edition is currently being conducted among PMI members and certification holders; and should be available end of this year.

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[1] Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap Report 2017–2027. PMI. 2017.