Hello, my name is Nico Beylemans and I would like to talk about establishing a community of Practice (CoP) for non-IT project managers.   

A non-IT project, what does that mean?

- Does it mean we don’t use any ICT developments, no ICT tools? 

- Have we banned all computers from our life, using nothing more than pencil and paper desperately making some drawings?

- On the contrary, if I talk about a non-IT project, I’m actually talking about the latest development of the next generation quantum computer that will break any encrypting code in seconds.

- This is what we mean a non-IT project, building something :-)  

 So if you want to talk about building something, then contact me:          

We can discuss questions like: 

- Which knowledge area is your bottleneck.

- How do you maintain your statuses in green and survive in a world using pencil and paper?

- Why are IT PM's so weird :-?)   

- What were your top 5 lessons from the last project