By Shirley Pullan, PM for PM Fair 2023

In our post-pandemic age we learnt from our PM Fair of 2022 the importance of embracing change to manage our future. But what is the future? Those that read PMI Global Megatrends report 2022 will be aware of key areas of change that impact industry, and ultimately ourselves as project managers and team leaders.

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The report contained key insights from thought leaders and Industry experts divided into six key areas: Digital disruption, Climate Crisis, Demographic Shifts, Economic Shifts, Labour Shortages & Equality. Of these, arguably Digital transformation and climate change are the most impactful in the years to come. These thoughts were echoed in a live poll of our members at the PMI Belgian Chapter General Assembly last month. Based on how we wish to embrace the future, our members voted clearly to cover digital transformation and sustainability at our next PM Fair. 






Once we understand the what, we are set to ask, how do we best prepare ourselves, our teams and our organisations for change? Our members are acutely aware as project managers to align themselves with our new reality. In the PMI report Beyond Agility they offer some answers. By examining an array of enterprises they identified key areas of success which they collectively describe as ‘gymnastic’ meaning going beyond simply agile. They describe such enterprises as Those that have learned to flex and pivot maintaining structure, form, and governance. It would seem that the key to gymnastic enterprises is that they are well aware that organizational performance is directly linked to those of individuals. They are therefore diligent in adopting good ways of working, which are often more empathic, and empower their people to make this happen. 

Such enterprises demonstrated clear discrepancies with their traditional counterparts, particularly in their attitude to, and implementation of, change. Compared to traditional enterprises, gymnastic enterprises were more likely to have high levels of organizational agility (48 percent versus 27 percent). Furthermore, they are more likely to be receptive to change, have an innovation mindset and are more likely to adopt new technologies and approaches. They are more likely to do it in ways that are inclusive, flexible and empathic to their workforce. 



Gymnastic enterprises are leading the way by empowering their people to create organizational culture that enables these capabilities. They benefit in that these organisations are more productive and less wasteful and therefore more competitive and impactful in our society overall. 

Those polled at the PMI Belgium Chapter General Assembly agreed that gymnastic and empathic-styled organisations warrant further inspection at the next PM Fair. We acknowledge the need to embrace the future driven by change through exploration of powerskills such as agility, innovation mindset and empowerment, and I am proud to announce that these ideas will be woven into the design of the next program. Our focus at the PM Fair 2023 will be how best to equip ourselves for the future: The gymnastic PM: Talent development for the modern world

By the members for the members

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