A huge thank you to all that applied to be speaker at our event. The volume and standard were very high, so the team had a tough job to select the appropriate ones for this year’s theme.

Our preliminary Program offers the current listing of scheduled speakers. Early bird registration is open until 15th August and for peri-COVID safety reasons places are limited. It promises to be a great congress so don’t miss out and register today! Program

To mark a return to a face-to-face congress this year, held on Friday 7th October 2022, the PMI Belgium Chapter PM Fair team promise an inspiring and eclectic mix of knowledge-sharing masterclasses, keynote speeches and networking events, all under the auspicious title of.

CHANGE MANAGEMENT: ​Adapting our today for a better tomorrow​ 

Our chosen theme, inspired by organic change in nature, explores change management through diverse prisms. On one side we will look at disruptive and transformational change in organisations, and adaptable and user-friendly practices and tools to support both cultural shifts to managing yourself, your teams, and your projects.  

Through another we take a look at emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and what it means for the future of project management, and in another, we examine how we drive change as leaders. How do we remain resilient as individuals or guide others to be so, and how can we best anticipate and adapt to change?  

For the first time in some years, this year also promises to be a live event where we can finally meet face-to-face. The PM Fair team and Board members are excited to share with you our wonderful billing of speakers! Here are just a few to get you in the mood:



Hamani1.jpg Jean-Christophe HamaniKeynote – Successful organizational transformation thanks to PMI best practices.

Jean-Christophe is a renowned Transformation Strategist & Change Maker. He has over 30 years experience as leader in Global IT & Telecom companies, two decades of PMI experience under his belt, including Paris Chapter President and Unified France Chapter Cofounder, the largest in EMEA. Jean-Christophe is also a Professor at ESCP, France’s 3rd top Business School, a renowned Speaker and co-author, and Founder and President of Tactics, an advising firm in strategy execution and transformation.

With this extensive experience in the IT industry and kingmaker of cultural change in large organizations he has much to say about organizational transformation. Book your place today to hear this inspiring leader.




Mark MortierPresentationRe-story-ation MarkM2.jpg

An experienced project manager and speaker of two decades, Mark’s awakening was to get the most out of a team by asking and providing what each team member needs in order to be anchored in order for each to live up to their full potential. Through his title Re-story-ation, Mark invites you to create a new story that goes beyond the current western worldview of efficiency and success. By shifting focus to the humanity within us, Mark proposes to unleash the potential in you and your team through conscious mindset, inspiration and creating the right environment to thrive. We are looking forward realise this journey for ourselves through Mark’s enigmatic delivery.




JohnN3.pngJohn NilandWorkshop – The Identity Economy: How to raise the value of your work with a clear professional identity

John, author of the highly acclaimed Self-Worth Safari and numerous presentations is back to wow us again with another insightful and thought-provoking workshop. Our jobs used to be a means to an end but even prior to the pandemic, this was changing. Professionals now see their work as an expression of themselves and simply do not want to continue in roles in which their values and talents are left unappreciated. Their self-esteem is intricately linked to the work they do. In The Identity Economy: How to raise the value of your work with a clear professional identity, John’s core message is simple: when you grasp the vital distinction between self-worth and self-esteem, this is a game-changer at work and in life. You forge a clear professional identity, becoming more courageous in conversations and bounce back more quickly from setbacks. You do higher-value work and develop worthwhile partnerships.  John promises to deliver this engaging presentation and in his usual humorous style and is one not to be missed.




Steven DeneirMasterclassFix your scrum now, together.StevenD4.jpg

You have at least 6 months practical experience using Scrum, in any role. You know the terminology, and still… Some things are not going as you expected… Don’t panic, Steven Denier is here to show us how!

Steven brings almost three decades of professional project management experience from the IT industry, he is an experienced agile coach and mentor and fittingly a professional Scrum Master (only one of two in Belgium!). In his Masterclass – Fix your scrum now, together, Steven shares his on hands-on experience where teams and managers need to take note, what pitfalls to avoid, and what will most likely work for their situation. He is dedicated to bringing teams back to the fundamentals of agile, specifically the Scrum framework, so that they can make a huge impact. Steven’s masterclass promises to be an interactive, hands-on experience during which participants find solutions to their challenges implementing a professional use of the Scrum framework.




Coming soon: A will be prepared for this masterclass.


ButterFly.jpgA word on our logo. This year’s event is inspired by common processes in nature. These organic transformations have fascinated humans for generations. The metamorphosis from a crawling land-based creature to an airborne butterfly shows the diverse spectrum of change.  

Caterpillar. Adaptive and incremental change symbolised by the crawling caterpillar.  

Chrysalis. Energy and disruption are required to devolve the old and create the new represented by the metamorphosing chrysalis. 

Butterfly. Stands for its readiness to act under changing circumstance such as crises and disruptive change. 

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