The PMI Belgium Chapter will host PMI’s annual congress, the PM Fair on Friday 7 October 2022

This year’s edition will place Change Management under the magnifier with a promising new eclectic mix of knowledge-sharing master classes, keynote speeches and networking events, all under the auspicious title of...

Logo PMFair be 2022 art2

CHANGE MANAGEMENT: ​Adapting our today for a better tomorrow

For the first time in some years, this year also promises to be a live event where we can finally meet face-to-face. The PM Fair team and Board members are all itching to get back in the saddle so please join us and no judging those extra lockdown kilos!

Our chosen theme explores change management through diverse prisms. On one side we will look at disruptive and transformational change in organisations, and adaptable and user-friendly practices and tools to support such change.

Through another we take a look at emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and what it means for the future of project management.

On another, we examine how we drive change as leaders. How do we remain resilient as individuals or guide others to be so, and how can we best anticipate and adapt to change?

Finally, what can we learn from past examples of change, both expected and unexpected?

Please consult the call for speakers document for more information on the PM Fair or if you have interest in becoming a speaker, please contact the team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A word on our logo. This year’s event is inspired by common processes in nature. These organic transformations have fascinated humans for generations. The metamorphosis from a crawling land-based creature to an airborne butterfly shows the diverse spectrum of change.PMFair Butterfly

Caterpillar. Adaptive and incremental change symbolised by the crawling caterpillar.

Chrysalis. Energy and disruption are required to devolve the old and create the new represented by the metamorphosing chrysalis.

Butterfly. Stands for its readiness to act under changing circumstance such as crises and disruptive change.


See: PM Fair 2022: Call for Speakers