Just a reminder to ‘save the date’ … the PM Fair this year will take place between Monday the 4th – and Friday the 8th  of October.

Monday to Thursday will be a virtual event, along the same lines as the Fair last year.

On the Friday, we are hoping to host a ‘real’ event. We have secured a venue, The Africa Museum in Tervuren, and we are planning on the basis that such events will be able to take place. If not possible, then we will also switch Friday to a virtual event as well.

Would be interested to hear your feedback on whether you intend to join the ‘real’ event, and to finally meet people, or if you prefer to keep things virtual for a bit longer. It’s challenging for us to anticpate what kind of attendance we can expect.

Either way, speakers have been contacted, and we are in the process of developing another fantastic program for you



Director – PM Fair

PMFair 2021