As usual, the PM Fair will take place in the first week of October this year. Benefiting from our experience of last year, and still with some concern about whether we will actually be able to meet face-to-face by then, we are planning a hybrid event.

Monday to Thursday – we will host virtual events, similar to the way we did it in 2020, with speakers presenting during multiple sessions each day.

For the Friday, we are hoping for the best, and planning a physical event to take place at the Africa Museum in Tervuren where we can meet, hopefully hug (if we want to) and also to network. As a contingency, if for any reason we cannot host a physical event, we will switch this to a virtual event as well

This year, the theme will be “Sustainability and Social Responsibility: Is everybody ready to make a change ?“

More details in the coming weeks, an on our LinkedIn page:

For now, simply ‘Save the Date’ to keep you diary clear



Director – PM Fair

PMFair 2021