In 2021 PMI Belgium would like to introduce a new interactive format for the General Assembly (GA).

Thus far the GA has been treated as the mandatory meeting where our members give an approval for the management of our Chapter. 

Virtual Genral Assembly 3R

In pre-COVID times, we have organized this in person event with a presentation of slides which you, the members, haven’t seen before.

We are making some changes:

  • Online event: For your safety in these COVID times, we are organizing our GA online. The registration link is found below.
  • Slide deck made available: we are posting the slide deck of the GA on our website on Thursday 21/01/2021, so you have ample time to review.
  • LINK to file - Click HERE! (
  • Q&A session: During the GA, we will focus on the questions you might have on the slide deck, we can provide in depth information on the management of our Chapter. Please submit your questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Interactivity: We are organizing breakout room sessions to discuss and formulate our tips and tricks for the upcoming challenges of 2021 in our field of project management.

We are shaking things up a bit, so we warmly welcome you to attend our refreshed General Assembly.  See you on the 25th January at 19:00.

Here is the registration link: