Dear All,

I hope you are still safe.

I would like to inform you that we have decided to cancel this year’s Charity Event.

charity event


  • Our purpose is to protect our members by avoiding the grouping of people
  • We identified some risks that may impact the focus of our Charity: to donate money to Viva for Life and De Warmste Week:
    • New sanitary containment
    • Venue difficult to consolidate
    • Limitation of gathering in a large group of people
    • Not enough attendees: members may be scared and stressed about participating in this Ball.

Moreover, we noticed that De Warmste Week won’t organize the event like the previous years and won’t ask for the money, only volunteers.

On Viva for Life side, nothing has changed for the moment, more news in September/October.

If you want to help these Charity Organizations, you may contact them directly:

Viva de warmste

We’ll come back to you in Q4 2020 with more info about our ideas to organize some Charity Events in 2021.

Thank you, dear Members, for your support and solidarity.

Kind regards,

Christine Dassy

PM Charity Activities

Director of Sponsoring 2020-2021

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