On September 19, 2019, the Belgian PMI Chapter was kindly invited to Brussels Airport (BAC) for a sharing of vision and a visit behind the scenes.

One will agree that this chapter event was a splendid idea and bullseye hit in the list of all events.
Here`s a story from a participant who considered this visit from a frequent traveller’s point of view.

Considering the vision from this point of view requires in my opinion a step back in time.
Ever since the inception of the first airport in Belgium, back in the early 1920`s, the main airport has known a story of evolution. Evolving from a lousy zeppelin shed towards a real and vast airport area required over and over again a change in vision. Nowadays, visions change in function of healthy environments, zero emissions, sustainable infrastructure and many more alike.

Vision 2040 obviously has no difference to that. It expects an increase in travellers and transportation of goods (small packages), but not at all cost.
Reflecting on such an increase will without a doubt impact our economy.
It`s therefore that the vision is much broader than only a focus on transportation. It takes into account an expansion of the entire area. This vision allows the bandwidth to become neutral to its environment with foreseeing nearby facilities and service provisions of all sorts amongst them workspace, meeting space, and lodging.
Such a vision warrants the traveling increase as it can keep the short stay business travellers at and around the airport at good accommodation.

This brings us back to the travel business in a sense of improvement. With on- and offboarding travellers comes luggage and goods.
Up to the late 1990`s, luggage and travellers could almost travel individually because of errors in the handling processes. This changed in 1997 when BAC implemented a 'State of the Art' luggage handling system.
Like all systems and machinery, it has had its shelf life.

We all could read the pessimistic messages in the media of luggage being delayed and left behind due to technical issues and failures. This is, in my opinion, cheap talk if the solution isn`t given a place.
The good news needs to be told as well, which is short and easy... BAC is implementing a new 'State of the Art' baggage handling system answering all needs from faster delivery to better and more secured handling. With a little more patience, this new piece of art will be available in 2021 when all European airports must comply with stricter regulation on baggage screening and handling.

From a travelling perspective, this “small” initiative counts. No-one wants to wait too long before retrieving his luggage or experience that a bag is lost in 'space' and shipped to the other side of the world.

Visiting this part of the airport really was an eye-catcher.
With only having seen how it works today, I’m eager to see the new handling system. It sure will be most assuring that in our 'Heart of Europe', we are truly capable of delivering beyond expected highest standards

A sincere thank you to BAC and the Belgian PMI Chapter for organizing such an amazing event. It really deserved a detour into late at night.
PMI Volunteer