On September 19th, our most recent Chapter Event took place at Brussels Airport where the Brussels Airport Company (BAC) shared their strategy and vision on how to stay relevant in a competitive market. This was followed by an exclusive backstage tour of the airport and a tasty cocktail.  

My first event at PMI Belgium was absolutely beyond expectations!

After studying the PMBoK standard and passing the PMP exam last month, I realized this was just the starting point in the further development of my career as a project manager. I joined the PMI Belgium Chapter and was lucky to grab one of the last available seats for the September Chapter event.Bac 2

The evening started with presentations by Sophie Vanderveken – Head of PMO and Björn Hassert – Head of Strategic Development. We learned why a clear strategy and vision are crucial and how BAC sees the future, even until 2040. They also shared their lessons learned and projected some plans on how the airport can look like in 2040. 

The second part of the evening was the backstage tour for which everybody was excited. It was an honour to get a guided tour of the airport that is heavily guarded by police and army. We learned about the general operational processes (security, luggage handling, traffic control) and the risks an airport is facing towards ensuring stable daily operations and providing a good customer experience. With so many ideas for new projects in the pipeline, proper selection and follow-up via portfolio management is the key. This tour also made me curious on how the airport will look like in the future, since there are lots of stakeholders to engage (government, airline companies, ground handlers, ...) and enterprise environmental factors that you can’t control (changing weather conditions, market conditions, labor unions, regulations regarding emissions and noise).

At the end of the evening, all 5 groups of 20 persons met in Black Pearls, the oyster bar in Pier A. We were treated with lots of delicious appetizers: sushi, oysters, mini sandwiches, …

I got the chance to talk with other project managers from many different industries and we shared some interesting stories and experiences. People were very open and hospitable towards me - a new member who just joined the Belgium Chapter. I would definitely recommend colleagues, customers and friends to join PMI and the Belgium Chapter.

In my experience this Chapter event at the airport was "sky high" and the next event is already clearly highlighted in my agenda.

Tim De Ryck

Consultant Management Information & Systems at TriFinance Belgium