FAMILY EVENT Nieuwpoort Strand

This year, we have decided to organise a new kind of events.

The Family Event consists of welcoming the families of our members and also to thank you all the families for their patience when the husband/wife comes later at home after a Chapter Event.

It’s really the occasion to discover our members and the Board on an informal moment.

The Belgium Chapter is really made by the members for the members to have a common interaction.

I hope you’ll enjoy this first family event.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all at Nieuwpoort.

Christine Dassy

Director of PM Fair & Events 2018-2019

PMI-Belgium invades the Belgian Coast at Nieuwpoort Kaai Phare

On August 10 we come together with family and friends in the lovely coast city of Nieuwpoort, a city that played a very important role during World War I.

We gKaai Poseidonather round 11 AM in the neighbourhood of the Parking Kaai next to the monument of Albert I. Those who come by public transport can take the tram exit Kaai, the tram stops at the Kaai. I propose we meet at the monument and go together for a drink -there are enough good Belgian pubs in that area.

 Meeting point: Memorial statue of King Albert I in Nieuwpoort at 11:00 AM

After the aperitif we can decide what to do - we leave you the choice. You can visit the monument, take a very nice walk or take the tram to the coast with your children. It is a family event.

We found three activities that can be interesting:

  1. You can take a long walk (the day is filled with this) on the dyke, taking the boat and end your walk through the nature park: 'De Ijzermonding’. If you want to join us on that walk, be sure to bring drinks and picnic.
  2. You can go to the ‘Westfront’ museum: entrance 7.5 Euro. When we are at least 20 the price is 5.5 Euro. A guide costs 60 Euro.
  3. Last option is to go to the city shopping and drinking, eating; just take the tram to Nieuwpoort Bad and take a walk of about one hour.


At 5 PM we gather again at the same place, take a drink together and go our own way home or …

I ordered good weather, good beer and good atmosphere.


See you all, Nieuwpoort Poort