Dear PMI Belgium members and affiliates,

We have the pleasure to offer you an exclusive event hosted at Brussels Airport by Brussels Airport Company (BAC).  We’ll have look at the organizational transformation of BAC and we’ll have the chance to go backstage in the operations of the airport.

The operating context for airports is changing rapidly.  The old model of just assuring the flight movements and the safety of the passengers is no longer enough to compete in today’s aviation world.  New business lines must be developed and scaled and run efficiently.  The concept of “customer of the airport” is evolving and the expectations of the customer are best described as liquid.  BAC has chosen for a transformation to gear up for the decades to come.

To support such a transformation, the concept of the PMO has evolve too.  The evolution of the BAC PMO is this evening’s topic.  BAC will be sharing the problems faced by the transformation and their evolving answer from a PMO standpoint.  This presentation will not be a presentation about templates and workflows, it shall address fundamental strategic issues and the corresponding strategic answer by PMO eg. How to design your PMO and Portfolios to tailor to a flexible organization, where departments are reorganized on a regular basis.

Next to the presentation, BAC is offering an exclusive tour behind the scenes of Brussels Airport.  You’ll have the opportunity to visit the complex infrastructure to handle 41.917 luggage pieces per day OR the fire and emergency service, who can reach every point in the airport within 2 min time and more. 

Since the tours behind the scenes require a security check, you will be requested to add a copy of your identification during the registration process. For Belgian nationals, a copy of the ID card front and back will suffice, for non-Belgian nationals a copy of the passport will be required.

The evening will end with a networking drink and some food to engage with each other.

Check out more about Brussels Airport:


  • Limited to max 100 people
  • Closure of booking: 2 weeks before visit (closure of registration 01/09/2019)
  • Parking is not included, so people will have park in Interparking P1/P2
  • People need to choose a package for the tour – limited capacity for the different location. Final packages ready soon.


  • 17h30 – 18h15 Welcome @ Sheraton Brussels Airport
  • 18h15 – 18h20 Welcome by Erik Shung
  • 18h20 – 19h20 Presentation Aviation Development Brussels Airport (Sophie Vanderveken – Head of PMO & Björn Hassert – Head of Strategic Development)
  • 19h20 – 19h30 Preparation for the guided tour
  • 19h30 – 21h30 Guided tour
  • 21h30 – 23h00 Closing cocktail