Following our mantra "For the members, by the members", we propose organising a family event on August 10th at the Belgian coast. The idea is to have fun together with other PMI families.

You can bring friends, children, grandchildren…we want to meet and eat.

Below you find the list of proposed cities and possible activities. We invite you to select your prefered destination, so that we may finalize the day planning and prepare the registration.

If the weather is nice and you want to go to the beach, feel free to do so.

The only thing we really aim to do together is the lunch at noon and the drink at 5PM.

Family Event 10th of August 2019

Day planning:

  • A family trip by car or train: idea is to arrive at 11AM
  • Have lunch together in a cheap place (enough choice at the coast)
  • Do an activity together in the afternoon (those who prefer to go to the beach are free to do so)
  • Have a drink together at 5 PM
  • Everyone is free to do what they want to do after 5 PM