On 21st of February, a PMI satellite event took place in Brussels; it was the opportunity for a motivated community of ‘brusselers’ to meet and discuss about project management.

But how a satellite can be organized? The idea came during a previous chapter event in October 2018, where our Director Christine Dassy proposed to 2 Brussels PMP members, Fabio Cristofoletto and Jean-Luc Loheac, to find a place, propose a date and of course an agenda!

As if it was a project, the two organizers established the deadline (21/02), started the retro schedule in order to identify the activities on critical path. The first one was of course the site identification! The choice of the site was mainly driven by the proximity with transport facilities and the two organizers found the European district as the best candidate. There are plenty of pubs and restaurants in the area, but the place needed to have a good meeting room with the possibility also to seat for the dinner or for a drink afterword. Finally, the place was found close to Mérode, a perfect location!

The following task was to prepare the topics, the agenda and how to manage the event. Fabio and Jean-Luc decided to propose two arguments, which are day-to-day tasks in their jobs: the role of PMO and how to implement a Quality system in an organization. A very high number of people were interested by the proposed subjects and shortly the maximum capacity of the meeting room was reached.

Finally, we arrived at the day of the event. The PMI satellite event started with a welcome drink with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. After this first moment, the workshop started; Fabio and Jean-Luc asked people on which subject to begin. PMO was the first choice and a useful and interesting debate took place about PMO mission in different organizations and the various maturity levels of such function. Quality was the second subject and all participants exchanged a lot of ideas and information using their various experiences as reference.

The event ended with a warm dinner and the wish to organize similar events in the near future!



Fabio Cristofoletto & Jean-Luc Loheac

Happy Volunteers