PMI Chapter Event – 17th of March – Sponsored by TOBANIA


The Belgian company Tobania originated from the merger of TOBIUS and SAGA Consulting Group. Its mission is to contribute to the digitization of companies and governments. As a total provider of front-end enterprise solutions, Tobania’s services include the construction and implementation of platform solutions, the development of customized solutions, and the integration of complex IT applications.

In addition to analysis, development and testing, Tobania supplies specific software solutions for web development and planning, among others. It also provides supplementary hybrid infrastructure, security and management solutions, as well as all necessary support.

Tobania is able to deliver all of these services and solutions by collaborating with more than 550 IT specialists and consultants.

The Chapter event:

The PMI Belgium chapter is very happy to invite for our second national event for 2016. During this event we will have a chance to speak about different possibilities to develop the Project management culture within a company; but also, as every year, we will recognise the work of Mario Vanhoucke’s students @UGent for their contribution to the science of Project management.

Keynote speaker: Pascal Vanden Bossche

Over the last couple of years, we have seen that lots of organizations now have some project management background and instead of introducing project management they start to look at how to professionalize project management, so this a PM development 2.0 wave if you want. While in the past the drivers were often HR, today we often see PMO’s or project managers themselves who are driving this development.

We will present 3 possible approaches that can be used to organize this professionalization (by the PMO or individual PM’s) and what works best depends on the company culture.

  1. The traditional approach in which top-down a methodology is defined and then everyone is trained, the ‘old’ consultancy paradigm
  2. The more inclusive approach in which a working group is involved, still quite conceptual but with some checks with the community
  3. Or finally the newer (coming from Organizational Development area and newer books like Reinventing Organizations) and heavily Agile inspired co-creation method, based on experiments, action learning and the adage fail often, fail early.


  • 18:30 - Registration and dinner
  • 19:30 - Opening speech by Tobania
  • 19:35 - Tobania Presentation
  • 19:50 – Keynote Speaker: Pascal Vanden Bossche
  • 20:50 - Award for students of Mario Vanhoucke
  • 21:10 - PMI Chapter messages
  • 21:30 - Networking, drink & food (2nd Service)
  • 22:45 – Closing


Business Faculty

Sint Lendriksborre 6,

1120 Brussels

Registration: Register Here