PMI Belgium Chapter Event – 1st December 2015

Our last National event for this year will take place on the 1st of December 2015, and Microsoft has kindly accepted to host us in their Executive Briefing Center (EBC) in the Center of Brussels, state-of-the-art facilities where to explore industry trends, business opportunities, and Microsoft’s technology direction.

Reinventing productivity and business process is at the core of Microsoft’s mission. Working towards that objective means allowing technology to enable organizations to collaborate more, to communicate more, as well as run more effective projects. You may want to have a look at the following video to get a better idea to be of what a project management can look like in a more globalized and faster business environment:

In any case, we are happy to kick-off the recent Microsoft PMI Chapter Sponsorhip.

First Presenter: Frank Turley – The Project Manager acting as a team coach

In contrast to the older project management way, where the project manager is “the boss” and the project management team are bossing in behalf of him, our successful PM systems are now focused on facilitation and collaboration.

This new approach requires the right behaviour from both the project management team, AND the rest of the project team. While the idea of having the project manager and the project management team acting as facilitators, protectors, and enablers is not new, the need for understanding, supporting, and having the right behaviour from the rest of the project team has been overlooked. It doesn’t happen automatically. 

This presentation introduces a new role, called PM Coach that helps the rest of the team match the new, more effective environment.

Second Presenter: Luc Goris and Lynn Van der Veken

The implementation of a project management methodology is the ideal moment to look at a tool to support it. However, choosing the right tool is crucial in the success of acceptance.

A little more than 5 years ago, IBZ implemented its current pm methodology, based on RUP. At the same time Project Server was introduced as the software to support it.

Luc Goris and Lynn Van der Veken will talk about the road they traveled since then; the needs that made IBZ decide to go for this tool, how the implementation went and what the change management was about, how they are using it, how it helped improving processes and reporting and what the plans are for future evolution.

Lynn Van der Veken works in the IBZ (FOD Binnenlandse Zaken/SPF Intérieur) PMO.
Her tasks:
- Devising the methodology
- Organizing workshops with the project leaders, in terms of awareness of the use of the methodology (ie Project Server and MS Project)
She also has several years of experience as a project leader.
In addition to her PMO tasks, she is also responsible for personnel matters in the ICT department.

Luc Goris has the same tasks as Lynn at the IBZ PMO, and also engages in the reporting (dashboards, statistics, timesheet reporting)
He also coaches the project managers (eg:. Information sessions on the use of Project Server and MS Project for new colleagues, but also individual assistance).
He is responsible for quality control to ensure the "health" of the projects and to monitor the quality of the monthly project status reports.
In addition to the project methodology, he also is responsible for the Software Development Life Cycle.

The Event Agenda:

18:00 – Registration

18:30 – Session opening – Welcome by Microsoft

18:45 – Presenter 1 – Frank Turley

19:30 – Presenter 2 - Lynn Van der Veken & Luc Goris

20:15 – PMI Belgium Chapter information

20:40 – Networking with drinks and finder food

22:00 – End of Session (EBC is closing at 22:00)


Microsoft Executive Briefing Center

Rue Montoyer, 51 – 1040 Brussels

Parking possibilities:

Interparking : rue de l'industrie, 26-38, 1040

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