We are pleased to inform you that Prosource and ProjectPolis have joined forces. ProjectPolis and Prosource both deliver qualitative Project Management Services and we also share the same DNA. 13 March 2020 ProjectPolis became 100% part of Prosource.

Driven by our passion for Project Management we will further strengthen our service delivery. Our team will be more than 50 consultants strong with the support of a professional back-office.

By acquiring ProjectPolis, our image as a high quality service provider and expert in Project Management trainings and coaching will increase considerably. The future development of our internal Project Management competences and coaching of internal employees will get a boost.

Prosource now offers a wide variety of Project Management e-learnings. These e-learnings are easy to follow and they have a high passing rate. And the best thing of all? The first 30% of all e-learnings are completely free, so go ahead and try them out.

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ProjectPolis Prosource 2020