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PM Untold - Developing Leadership and handling complex projects

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🎙️ Exciting News! New Episode of PMUntold is Live! 🎙️
We're thrilled to announce that our latest podcast episode features the incredible Saby Waraich 🟣, a recognized global thought leader and influencer in Project Management and Business Strategy. 🌟
In this episode, Saby shares his journey and insights on developing leadership skills and managing complex projects

Here are some key highlights you don't want to miss:
🔹 Saby's inspiring career path and what drives his passion for leadership and project management.
🔹 Valuable advice for new project managers on developing essential leadership skills. Guess the meaning of his secret equation: T=(R+C+I)/SI
🔹 Practical tips on staying focused and adaptable as a project manager.
🔹 Real-life stories and lessons learned from managing complex projects.
Join our host, Ana Felisberto, as she dives deep into these topics with Saby, offering you actionable strategies and captivating stories that will equip you to excel both personally and professionally.
Don't miss out on this insightful episode! Tune in now and elevate your project management game. Also don't forget to claim your PDUs.
🎙Spotify: Click here to follow the Link!
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🎙Google Podcast: Click here to follow the Link!
You can find more information about Saby Waraich at: www.sabywaraich.com
Special thanks to all who made this Podcast and this episode possible: Ana Felisberto, 🇱🇺 Ditta Bezdán, Bálint Dudás, Tim Gaens, Guangyu Fu, Giuseppe DiMaria, Guzel Afanaseva, Maria Hazir, Liz Hector, Ruth Hunter, Lynea Finn PMP, Altea Barbato. 

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