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Join the Strategy and Innovation Workshop on Sustainability


Sharpen your Innovation Skills!

Want to make the (business) world a better place, but not sure where to start?

The Project Management Institute & Strategy & Innovation Collective are partnering to get you past the PowerPoint phase!

All that in a special workshop co-hosted on 27th of September, free of charge for CBTW employees.

What's the topic?

🌱 How to explore the different ways in which sustainability can be integrated into a company's strategy.

Expect practical guidance on how to apply innovation strategy frameworks to shape transformation visions into real impact on our shared planet!

How can you register?

📣 Contact the facilitators Vasile Cirlig vcirlig@steepconsult.com 

& Enrico Maset emaset@steepconsult.com"

When | September Wednesday 27th, 18:30 to 21:00

Where | CBTW Brussels office, Ground floor rooms



  1. Introduction (15 min)
    • Welcome and introduction to the workshop (with a drink)
    • Overview of the topics to be covered
    • Brief icebreaker activity to help participants get to know each other
  2. Sustainability (20 min)
    • Presentation on sustainability and its importance for businesses (butterfly diagram/circularity compass)
    • Discussion on the challenges and opportunities of implementing sustainable practices in different industries
    • Group activity to brainstorm ways in which businesses can become more sustainable.
  3.  Positioning Sustainability in Company Strategy (20 minutes)
    • Explore the different ways in which sustainability can be integrated into a company's strategy
    • Discussion on the benefits and risks of incorporating sustainability into different areas of a company's strategy
    • Group activity to identify and discuss sustainability ambitions in core business, growth areas, and exploratory initiatives. The participants will develop ideas in context of specific industries and each attendee will be able to choose its own context.
  4. Developing a Strategic Idea for Innovation and Sustainability (20 minutes)

    • Presentation on the importance of innovation in sustainability efforts
    • Discussion on how companies can use innovation to drive sustainable change
    • Group activity to develop a strategic idea for innovation and sustainability in their assigned focus areas.

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