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Get Ahead of the Curve: AI Transforming Project Management in 3 Years (But Are We Ready?)

Professional Development

Exciting news! Dive into the "Artificial Intelligence and Project Management" global report now!**

This comprehensive study, based on insights from over 2,300 project managers in 129 countries, reveals how AI is poised to revolutionize our profession within the next 3 years.

Key findings:

  • Most project managers agree that AI will transform how we work.
  • However, many organizations' AI maturity is still considered low.

Dive deeper:

Be a contributor!

Share your experiences with AI implementation in project management by emailing us at ai@pmi-se.org. Your insights will be featured in a future report!

Don't miss out! Explore the report and join the conversation. Be part of shaping the future of project management with AI!



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Re-published for PMI Belgium Members by

Giuseppe  Di Maria


Director of Marketing & Communication

AI in PM Research Global Team member
& Belgium Chapter Coordinator


*Image sources: unsplash.com; freepik.com.


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