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Further global temperature records broken in September

PMI Belgium
Climate Action

Author: Stuart Thorp

After all-time temperature records in July and August, the trend has extended with the hottest September on record:


This has taken even the most seasoned climate experts by surprise: link.


I am writing this article as PMI Belgium Chapter holds PMFAIR 2023 in Mechelen.

The overall event will be covered in other articles so here I focus on 2 Climate Crisis related aspects of the event.

My presentation focused on the action we can take to respond to the Climate Crisis: personally, professionally and together as members of PMI.

I also shared some examples of how a gymnastic approach (applying flexibility, adaptability and resilience) applies to sustainability at Project, Program and Portfolio levels. It was good to have the opportunity to respond to some good questions as well as the many conversations during the event.

If you are interested, but were not able to attend my presentation, I'd be pleased to share it (including detailed speaker notes and links to the source material I referenced). 


We also had a "Climate Fresk" booth at PMFAIR which was attended by Sam Baker and Xavier Criel. The intent was to explain Climate Fresk and give PMI Belgium members the opportunity to sign-up for further workshops (without charge). These follow on from the 6 successful workshops we have already run by Sam during 2023 involving 29 members of PMI European leadership and representing 15 European Chapters; all workshops received very positive feedback.   I am delighted that we have signed up a good number of attendees expressing interest in attending further Climate Fresk workshops in Belgium in the coming months. If you are interested to find out more please contact Sam Baker (sambaker@impactstrategy2030.com) or myself (email address below).


I'd like to remind you of Sustainability Summit 2023, which will take place on 8 Nov 2023.