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Early Trends Revealed in Intermediate Results From ‘AI & PM’ Survey

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Marly_Nilsson_pic.jpegMarly is a Project Manager and Business Consultant with a passion for AI in project management.

Are you ready for the future? Since Gartner made its prediction that 80% of project management tasks would be eliminated by 2030 due to artificial intelligence, we’ve seen constant advances (including the launch of ChatGPT-4) and headlines regarding the technology. AI is an express train that cannot be stopped. There are threats out there, but also enormous opportunities. The question is, how can we use it in the best way for the good of humankind—and use it to build a sustainable, equal and fair society?

Answering those questions helps us understand how we can use AI to help run our projects. And that’s where this new survey on Artificial Intelligence and Project Management comes into play—an initiative by the PMI Sweden and PMI Rio de Janeiro chapters, in close collaboration with chapters across Europe, Brazil & Latin America, North America, India and Asia.

You still have time to take the survey, which closes on 30 September 2023 (you can see the team for this initiative, including representatives from various countries, on the survey’s AI in Project Management page; don’ hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or want to become a team member).

Why a PMI Chapter-led Survey?
Many people working in project management have difficulty relating to reports from big research institutes in which industry leaders give their vision for the future (including AI). So, we wanted to take a different approach. We wanted to reach out to PMI members and the larger project management community to hear from those who work in projects on a daily basis and ask what they think of AI. By learning about members’ views and opinions, PMI chapters can better support them and be a partner in thought transformation.

This survey is a combination of an online questionnaire (which takes 5-10 minutes to complete) and interviews. We encourage respondents to share their experience in AI implementation projects and using AI tools in their project management work.

The survey started the 1st of June and closes at the end of September. We have garnered responses through outreach efforts via newsletters from chapters; PMI chapter webpages; social media; marketing partners; and the Artiificial Intelligence page on ProjectManagement.com.

Intermediate Key Findings Are In!
A few weeks ago, we conducted a webinar to reveal some key early findings from this effort. Note that the results in this article only present the initial results using Google Forms. No analysis has been made at this stage with consideration to demographics, geography or industry; that will be done for the final report (and presented in December to those who have taken the survey; those who have not taken the survey will have to wait until the official report release in Q1 of 2024).

The main industries represented among respondents are:

  • IT Services (19%)
  • Infrastructure & Construction (9%)
  • Technology (6%)

So far, 1,500+ project management professionals worldwide (across all continents) have responded. This topic really engages the community! Here’s a snapshot of some survey trends:

  • 88% are affiliated with PMI
  • 72% are male (we are looking for more responses from women!)
  • 80% are employed and very well-educated
  • 88% think that AI will have a big impact on project management work [19% denote it as having the highest impact (10 out of 10)]
  • 63% have no experience working in AI projects
  • 37% have experience in working in AI projects
    • Examples of those AI projects: predictive maintenance, autonomous vehicles, RPA and robotics, energy management, quality and inspection, supply chain and optimization
    • 73% of this group said they achieved the expected results in their AI projects
    • 77% of this group would have managed the project differently if they did it all over again (including many who responded that they achieved the expected results)
  • 64% say that AI maturity in their organization is low
  • 40% say that the company they work for is building AI competence into the organization (the rest ”don’t know” or answered ”no”)
    • 16% of this group say that their companies are allocating AI competence to a Center of Excellence
    • 19% of this group say that the AI resources are allocated with the projects
  • 67% think that the investment in AI training in their company is low

High = on a scale of 1-10, respondents answered 6-10
Low = on a scale of 1-10, respondents answered 1-4

Participate Today!
If you haven’t already, you still have time to take the survey on Artificial Intelligence and Project Management before it closes on 30 September 2023. After the closing of the survey, we will send the responses (anonymized) for each country to its chapter for analysis.

Full analysis of the overall responses will be conducted in October and November, and compared to findings from the big research institutes. Additionally, several AI specialists will give their opinion in the report on how AI will impact PM work and our community over the next three years.

The full report—and invitation for the presentation of the results—will be sent to all respondents of the survey.

Give your PMI chapter the best prerequisites to support you on your transformation journey—and give yourself the huge advantage of knowing what’s around the corner—by taking the survey today! It only takes 5-10 minutes, and gives you early access to the findings in December. You will also receive a badge to show your support for the project!


We are supporting the AI initiative.

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