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Artificial Intelligence and Project Management 2023 Survey


Evolution lies at the heart of human existence. Regardless of the challenges we face, we have come to recognize the importance of embracing innovation and creativity to propel our projects forward. As Director of Communniaction, I am honorered to represent our Belgian Chapter to follow  PMI's Sweden and Rio de Janeiro chapters, in close collaboration with chapters across Europe, Brazil & Latin America, North America, India, and Asia, have embarked on a monumental endeavor.

To get a global perspective on how the AI is working as a catalyst for change in digital transformation, all PMI chapters globally have been/or about to be invited to participate in this important survey to give insights on how AI is used in project management. This project holds paramount importance in gaining a clearer understanding of the future of project management and organizational transformations through digital leadership. Join us in this exciting journey as we shape the future of project management together.


Aim of this survey

We aim to assess the project management community and PMI members' knowledge and experience with AI implementation, as well as their openness to using AI as a tool in project management. We will investigate types of AI solutions implemented, team preparation, challenges faced, and the inclination to change employment in case their current employer is lagging in adapting to new technology like AI, and if the adaptation to new technology advancement is a selection criteria when looking for new employment. 

We also seek to determine how companies are preparing for AI implementation, including personnel training and recruitment of AI specialists, while considering the impact of demographic and geographic differences. We will use the strength of being part of a global member network and invite PMI volunteers to support us in this important work to understand the AI maturity with which individuals and organizations are adapting to this new technology that will most probably impact us all in our way of working. 

Click here to take the survey. Estimated time length: 5-10 minutes.

What to expect in the survey:

This survey is divided in 5 Sections, each one aiming on a different type of data.

  1. Demographic and Geographic Information: we would like to understand who our audience is.

  2. AI Maturity: we would like to understand how our audience is acquainted with AI tools and techniques.

  3. AI Deployment: we want to know how our fellow practitioners are dealing with AI advancement in their organizations.

  4. Experience in AI projects: tell us about your experience in working on or leading AI projects. 

  5. Case Study: If you have hands-on experience in implementing AI or using AI tools in project management implementation, please submit a case study proposal, and we take care of the rest.


What's New in This Version

We conducted a successful survey on AI and project management at Passion for Projects Congress in 2022. Now, for the upcoming congress, we aim to achieve even better results. The new survey includes important demographic elements to gather comprehensive data and extends participation beyond Sweden and Europe. We are inviting all PMI chapters globally to participate in the survey. This project is driven by a combination of passion for project management, digital transformation, and cross-cultural collaboration.

Save the date for the upcoming Passion for Projects Congress in Helsingborg on March 11th and 12th.

Join Us in Shaping the Future: Your Voice Matters!

We wholeheartedly invite individuals from all backgrounds to participate in this survey. Your contribution is vital in ensuring its impact and credibility. By including demographic questions, we aim to capture insights from a diverse audience spanning industries and regions.

Your valuable input will help assess the business case for integrating AI and project management, paving the way for transformative organizational changes towards an AI-enabled environment. We sincerely appreciate the time and effort of each respondent, regardless of their affiliation with organizations, countries, PMI membership, or PMI chapters. Everyone's perspective is valuable, and we encourage you to be part of this exciting journey.

Together, let's shape the future of project management and make a lasting impact!


Unlocking Benefits for the Survey

By participating in the survey, respondents can gain the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive analysis of responses.

  • Access to market analysis and references from reputable research companies.

  • Insights into AI tools that empower project managers and teams.

  • Expert comments and predictions from AI project management specialists.

  • Knowledge derived from case studies, offering a deep understanding of digital transformation, project management, and organizational leadership.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to acquire valuable insights through this survey. Join us and shape the future of project management and organizational transformation. 


Save the Dates

Below are some important dates that we recommend you to mark on your calendar:

  • 15th August - 1st round of the survey ends. Intermediate result will be presented at PMI Sweden webinar on August 15th.

  • 30th September - 2nd round of the survey ends and the survey closes.

  • 14th December - Finalization of the report and sending to the respondents.

  • Publication of snippets to give a heads up to the larger audience all around the world on what change is coming up regarding AI and project management and how they should lead digital transformation in their organizations.

  • Passion for Projects congress 11-12 March 2024 - Presentation of the final results and panel discussion.

Global Volunteer Support: Join the Movement

Our survey receives unparalleled support from dedicated volunteers representing over 40 PMI chapters across different countries. As you read this, our survey is being actively promoted in more than 40 countries, thanks to their tireless efforts.

Our ambitious goal is to have representatives from at least 50 countries by the end of the survey period. These volunteers play a crucial role in spreading awareness about the survey, generating interest in the intersection of AI and project management. 


Marly Nilsson

PMI Sweden Chapter 

Bruno Rafael S.

PMI Rio de Janeiro Chapter 

Giuseppe Di Maria

PMI Belgium Chapter 

and PMI Ukraine Chapter 🇺🇦PMI Galicia Spain Chapter PMI Chapitre France PMI Israel Chapter PMI Norway Chapter PMI Bangladesh Chapter PMI Bangalore India Chapter Project Management Institute UK PMI Germany Chapter e.V. PMI Denmark Chapter PMI Portugal PMI Netherlands Chapter PMI Switzerland PMI Northern Italy Chapter PMI Kazakhstan Chapter PMI CENTRAL ITALY PMI Dallas Chapter PMI Ottawa Valley Outaouais PMI Southern Italy Chapter Ireland Chapter of PMI PMI Finland Chapter




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